Do women have to be HPV vaccinated?

To be or not to be vaccinated in fact depends on women's age and if she has had sex or not.

There are two kinds of vaccines. They are Cervarix and Gardasil and in fact they are able to defend young women from such kinds of HPV that can be a reason of cervical cancer. It's better to be vaccinated before a girl has first sexual contact to be protected from HPV. Either Cervarix or Gardasil are better to use for 11 and 12 year-old girls. However, it's possible to vaccinate not only girls but as well young women at the age of 26 if they have been vaccinated before.

To be fully vaccinated, you need to get 3 shots and it'll be better to be vaccinated with the identical vaccine brand. But remember thay you should in addition use condoms to make the risk of catching HPV lower. As well, it's a good idea to have Pap tests regularly.

Good news for men is that it has been creating HPV vaccines for them!

How to recognize that I have HPV?

It's really the fact that very often women don't recognize that they have HPV infections because there aren't any obvious signs. And as a result, all women must be tested with the help of Pap tests two times a year. To make a Pap test you need to give a cell sample from the cervix.

While a doctor doing a Pap test, he/she uses a special brush to get some cells from the cervix. Actually, Pap tests are done to find if there are any changes on the cervix. Nowadays, Pap tests are, in fact, an ideal way to test women's cervix.

Very often doctors do a Pap test with a HPV test together if a women is older than 28. This test is called a DNA test and it can identify many high-risk types of HPV and, as well, DNA tests help to find out cervical cancer.

In the situation, when a woman has an atypical Pap test result, a doctor usually wants to do a HPV test to know if HPV or not is a reason of the atypical cells on her cervix.

However, if a woman has genital warts it's in fact HPV infection.

If I got a HPV vaccine do I need a Pap test?

If you got HPV vaccine, you should do Pap test either because:

- HPV vaccine doesn't defend you against all HPV types that can be a reason of cancer.

- if a woman doesn't get all three vaccine doses or has got them but in wrong time, she isn't protected completely.

- Moreover, a woman isn't protected wholly if she got the vaccine after being infected with HPV.

How often a woman should get a Pap test?

You should have a Pap test in 2 years and begin doing it when you are 21. At the age of 30 and older if you have had three good Pap tests uninterruptedly may do the test in three years.

Actually, you don't have to be tested with Pap tests if you are over than 65. What's more, you don't need Pap tests if you had the cervix taken out because of a hysterectomy if the surgery was not because of cancer.

It's better to get in touch with your doctor and decide when to start testing and how often to be tested.

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