Warts: What treatments are effective?

Wartrol™ treatment against warts

There is an amazing range of available treatments for warts: cryotherapy, photodynamic, laser, ointments ... How do I know what works and what does not?

Wart treatments include applications of different chemicals, physical treatments based on the cold (cryotherapy) or light (photodynamic therapy, lasers) ... However, their effectiveness is not always very convincing, as very often warts come back. British authors have tried to see things more clearly. Here are their results.

Fifty studies reviewed!

The efficacy of treatments is difficult to assess, first because the warts may disappear on their own under the action of the immune system, and secondly because of the lack of evaluation. Moreover, some treatments may have side effects.

To better assess the profile of safety and efficacy of various treatments available to treat local warts, British experts analyzed data of all published scientific studies on this topic. In total, 50 studies were analyzed.

Studies of dubious quality...

The results unambiguously confirm the need to improve clinical research in this area:

Forty-one of fifty studies considered were found to be of poor quality;

Seven other intermediate quality;

While only two clinical studies could be considered satisfactory.

This dismal record is hardly surprising. Despite the high incidence of skin diseases and their significant impact on the quality of life, dermatology is in fact not considered a public health priority, and therefore there is lack of the finance that interfere to perform clinical work seriously.

Chill on cryotherapy!

Despite this lack of references, the authors consider that the most compelling local therapy is that containing salicylic acid. The compound of these treatments can get a person a rid of warts in 75% of cases (against 48% for placebo). Another benefit, these products generally have no dangerous side effects.