What are Genital Warts

First of all you have to know that genital warts are very much contagious anogenital infection which can be as a rule spread during sexual contacts with a person who has been infected previously. Usually human papillomavirus such as HPV can cause Genital warts. Some researchers have found out that about 15% of population in our planet is infected with HPV, and it sounds terrible but the number of infected people is still rising. And as a matter of fact, about 1% of HPV infected people have genital warts.

You should know that genital warts are a sign of HPV infection. There are above 100 known HPV forms that can be divided into low and high-risk genotypes. HPV-6 or HPV-11 can be the reason of genital warts more often for the reason they have low risk HPV genotypes. It's really the fact that the majority of infected people are sexually active adults in view of the fact that HPV infection is usually transmitted with sexual contacts. The time from HPV infection to genital warts growth (incubation period) very much varies from person to person, at the same time as some HPV infected people have no genital warts at all. But on the other hand a person can be infected with genital warts by a person who hasn't genital warts.

Latent infection with high-risk HPV genotypes (usually HPV-16 and HPV-18) are usually the reason of cervical cancer however HPV genotypes which cause genital warts are as a rule not presenting a risk of cancer even in visible genital warts. Nevertheless such women who have genital warts should be tested for cervical cancer annually.

It's a pity but nowadays there is no real treatment for HPV infection, at the same time as HPV vaccine can be taken only as prevention and it can be useful only if taken earlier than being exposed to HPV. Remember that HPV infection may not cause any marks and symptoms of infection, at the same time as HPV infection resolves on its own with no any signs for about 8 - 12 months in more than 80% of individuals. On the other hand, immune system of some people does not defeat the virus because of a latent or persistent HPV infection.

Pay your attention to the fact that though there is no treatment for HPV, you can get rid of genital warts. Depending on the size and location of genital warts you may get rid of them in such ways as various chemicals, laser cauterization, electrocautery, cryosurgery and surgical removal if not responding to any treatment. But on the other hand, you can treat genital warts with the natural medicine Wartol Homeopathic Genital Warts Relief that can really help you to lessen the symptoms.