Warts and Their Cause

The wart is a small skin tumor which is contagious and caused by a virus HPV and characterized by the accumulation of a greater or lesser amount of keratin, adopting various configurations.

The term means filling an infected person of pathogenic microbes or toxin that could cause illness (in the case of pathogens).

Keratin is a fibrous protein (relatively hard) that is the main component of hair, skin and nails in humans and animals. Dander horns, hooves, nails, beaks, feathers, hair and hair in humans consist of keratin.

This epidermal outgrowth of viral origin, usually sitting on the face, hands or feet, is an extremely common throughout the world's population.

The wart, which is an epithelial tumor, is the result of an increase in volume of the boundary between the dermis and the epidermis represented by the papillary layer of cells. This change is the result of cutaneous infection by a virus: the papovaviruses (there are 60 different types of this virus).

The papovaviruses is a virus containing double-stranded DNA (with two chains or if you prefer two strands) of about 7900 base pairs, papillomavirus genus and family of Papovaviridae. It measures from 45 to 55 nanometers and has a capsid which is in a cubic form and contains 72 capsomers.

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