HPV Vaccine Prevents Genital Warts in Men

Vaccine Prevents Genital Warts

A new vaccine was specially created for boys and men to prevent them from the human papillomavirus and genital warts appearing.

4,065 men and boys at the age from 16 till 26 from about twenty countries were vaccinated with an HPV vaccine from four types of HPV infection (HPV-6, HPV-11, HPV-16, and HPV-18) and genital warts.

Nowadays there is the big dispute whether or not this vaccination of boys and men should be promoted. Frankly speaking, men who have sex with men are in real danger of being infected with HPV and genital warts.

It's really the fact that vaccines can really help men prevent HPV, but at the same time some scientists consider not all men should be vaccinated because if all women are vaccinated there won't be necessity to vaccinate men not including men who have sex with other males.

It was found out that thanks to Gardasil (vaccine from HPV in women) there is a reduction of genital wart cases in men.

So, at present time the best way out is to vaccinate both young girls and men who have sex with other males. And, of course, if the vaccine cost falls, it would be better to vaccinate all boys to prevent HPV and genital warts