Are You in Risk of Getting Genital Warts?

Are You in Risk of Getting Genital Warts? Actually, a few subtypes of HPV can be the reason of genital warts. And it's really very interesting to know that identical virus is, as well, a reason of usual warts (for example on the hands and etc).

In fact, a month or even a half of a year can pass, after you have been infected with this virus for the time you'll notice the first symptoms of genital warts. During the period when you don't see any signs of genital warts, the virus takes root and propagates in people's body. However, some people suffer from such symptoms as:

- blood loss

- ache (for example in anus)

- reek

- itch

- ruddiness

Note that not everybody feels mentioned above symptoms. And it's really the fact, that stresses influence very awfully to people and, actually, they can hasten the process of infecting the body.

It's a pity but sometimes it's not easy to identify genital warts because as a minimum a few of all HPV viruses are in a condition of weakening when the viruses stay inactive in the organism. But, in fact, they are ready to seize your body if the immunity has become weaker. Moreover, not everybody notices genital warts, for example, deep within the vagina or inside the anus.

Actually, there are oral, anal, and genital ways to be infected with HPV. You should note that, in addition, after using the same things that an infected person has used, you can be infected either (for example badly washed medical equipment, unclean underwear, or sex toys).

Pay your attention to dangerous aspects that can lead to genital warts:

- having sex with lots of people

- being infected with another sexually transmitted disease

- if you are pregnant

- after having anal intercourse

- not having rather good individual hygiene

- if you perspire very much