How Can We Protect Ourselves from Genital Warts?

Actually, there is one more way to protect ourselves from genital warts and HPV - it's immunization. It's a pity but nowadays only women can be inculcated.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) created the vaccine that prevents the appearing of cervical cancer and some other illnesses which can be caused with HPV. This vaccine was created in 2006. After creating this vaccine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave a license for using it in women who are at the age of 9 to 26. The name of the vaccine is Gardasil. As we mentioned above, Gardasil was created to defend women from definite strains of HPV that very often lead to appearing of genital warts (90%) and cervical cancer (70%).

By the way, in the case when you wish to reduce the symptoms of genital warts you can use so called over-the-counter and non-prescription medicines. Call your attention to the fact that over-the-counter medicines typically demolish the tissue of the noticeable genital warts. What is more, such kinds of medicines are as a rule harmless, low-priced, and simple to use. And in addition, to achieve better results specialists propose the medicines which consist of only natural ingredients, for example Wartrol for Genital Warts.

In the case if mentioned above treatment hasn't helped, you should get in touch with your doctor who can propose such methods of getting rid from genital warts as, for example:

- cryosurgery (genital warts are frozen)

- alpha-interferoninjections

- loop electrosurgical excision procedure (in brief LEEP) (genital warts are cut off)

- carbon dioxide (CO 2)

- laser surgery

But don't forget about the fact that despite you don't see genital warts for some time, they may come again in some period of time because scientists haven't created the medicine for treating the main course of genital warts that in fact is HPV. Frankly speaking, nowadays the cure of genital warts is really doing well but this fact doesn't concern the treating of HPV.