Pregnancy, Genital Warts and Laryngeal Papillomatosis

Scientists say that the human papillomavirus or briefly HPV is a real course of usual and genital warts. By the way, the majority of pregnant women after having been contaminated with HPV formerly and treated it, as a rule have very well pregnancies. But call your attention to the fact that if a woman has been infected with HPV and hasn't treated them, so she can infect her baby while giving birth to it. But on the other hand, genital warts won't do much harm to an embryo.

Actually, if a pregnant woman notices any signs of genital warts she, of course, starts being worry because she can be a reason of infection of her unborn baby. Moreover, a newborn child can be infected with HPV if a woman has an infected parturient canal.

Note that while a woman is pregnant she is more vulnerable to infections and viruses in such cases if her immune system is repressed with genital warts. And what is more, very often genital warts expand for the period of pregnancy.

Frankly speaking, the most dangerous situation for infected pregnant women and their unborn children is to meet laryngeal papillomatosis because it is, in fact, very risky for life. Actually, this virus is very dangerous because very often women don't notice any its symptoms for about three years after accouchement. And visible sign of laryngeal papillomatosis is that warts become appear in a baby's mouth and throat area. Very often this situation can occur after the virus has penetrated through an infected birth canal. After that the virus begins develop very quickly because there are ideal conditions in the mouth and throat area - rather warm and wet.

Actually, after having been infected with laryngeal papillomatosis newborn babies need some courses of laser surgery periodically treatment to get rid of warts because they'll able to block breathing. And in addition, paediatricians often prescribe such called interferon therapy simultaneously with laser surgery to have more successful treatment.

By the way, one more anxiety of all pregnant women with genital warts is that they may cause lots of troubles for the duration of childbirth. In fact, the woman with genital warts can't give birth by natural way - we mean a vaginal birth. Actually, in obstetric practice there were some cases when women were giving birth very hard because they had such large genital warts that they almost block the birth canal. What is more, while a child is born some of genital warts can start bleeding and this situation is very risky either. As a result, women need a caesarean section in such cases as:

1) genital warts almost block the birth canal.

2) women are in risk of too much genital warts haemorrhage when they birth.

Call your attention to the fact that treating genital warts in pregnant women and usual women are not the same because pregnant women must be advised on the ways of her treatment by her physician and they shouldn't take any medicine before not to do any harm to unborn babies. Actually, a big number of non-prescription medicines for treating genital warts have salicylic acid in their structure and it's really the fact that this acid is very dangerous for unborn children.

What's more, it was found out that even some prescription drugs, for example aspodofilox, can be a reason of some birth imperfections because their components can be soaked up effortlessly through the skin.

So, if you are waiting for a baby and suffer from genital warts, don't wait any more and first seek advice from your doctor and only then begin the treatment that will be ideal for you and your unborn child.

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