Most Widerspread Myths about Genital Warts

1. Some people think that only women suffer from HPV and genital warts. But in reality either women or men can suffer from genital warts. But on the other hand in women genital warts are shown more often because of HPV virus likes warm and wet area in the vagina where it can quikly raise.

2. Sometimes people think that they catch genital warts by having unsafe sexual intercourse. Actually it's really the truth that having unsafe sexual intercourse is very dangerous but call your attention to the fact that you can catch HPV just after skin contact. Moreover condoms don't spread the whole area around a penis and as a result you are in risk of getting the virus. What is more, a person can as well catch HPV through oral sex, and as a result genital warts can appear in in the mouth or throat. By the way, never use stranger bath towels not to be infected with the virus.

3. People may think that if they don't notice genital warts, it means that they don't have HPV. But in reality the incubation period of HPV takes for a few weeks or even some years.

4. Some people claim that cervical cancer is caused by genital warts. You should know that different strains of HPV cause genital warts. Such strains as 16, 18, 31, and 45 do not in fact cause cervical cancer. But such strains as 6, 11, 42, 43, and 44 can in fact be a reason of genital warts But these strains are met very seldom.

5. A big number of people think that it is impossible to get rid from genital warts. Call your attention to the fact that a person's immune system take control over the virus and in some years the symptoms appear less or dissapear at all. But your task is to keep the immune system in a good condition.

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