How are Men usually Infected with HPV?

As for HPV virus, it is passed on during sexual contact, mainly when vaginal and anal sex take place. However, it's really the fact that HPV virus can also be passed on through oral sex. In view of the fact that HPV as a rule doesn't have any symptoms, the majority of men and women get HPV virus and then pass it on even without understanding it.

And as a result people can have HPV even though mach time has passed from the time when they had sex. The awful thing is that men or women who are having only one sex partner in their lifetime can be also infected with HPV.

Are there any tests for HPV in men?

Frankly speaking nowadays there are no tests to find HPV in men. The only accepted HPV tests available are not helpful for detecting HPV connected cancers or genital warts in men.

So some physicians use anal Pap tests for screening anal cancer in men, though, there is no definite screening commended for testing anal cancer. And as a matter of fact anal cancer testing can't be recommended until more research is done on finding out the best methods of anal cancer screening and if testing can lessen the risk of anal cancer appearing.

As for genital warts, there are also no official tests for detecting them in both men and women. Nevertheless, a person can notice genital warts. Sometimes physicians use vinegar for detecting flat warts; however this kind of a test can at times incorrectly identify normal skin as a wart. So as a result, a person should visit a doctor if he thinks he may have genital warts.

Though currently there are no tests for men for checking general HPV status, this virus as a rule gets away on its own not causing problems with health. Call your attention to the fact that HPV virus is really common and the majority of men who have it won't suffer from any health problems from it.

As for penile cancer, it's a pity but screening tests are not available here either.