Medications for Treating Genital Warts

Nowadays there are some medicines for treating genital warts which are used as an choice to other medications. They are:

- Podophyllum resin or so called Pod-Ben-25 or Podofin which is applied by a doctor to the place of genital warts growing.

- Podofilox or Condylox can be used for genital warts prevention. You may as well use this medicine at home and apply it to the genital warts location. Note that Podofilox has an advanced cure rate than podophyllum resin.

- Trichloroacetic or so called bichloracetic acid can be as well applied to the place with genital warts. But note that the reaction to this acid can very often be painful and burning. What's more, as a rule a person has to repeat the procedure several times.

- Efudex or 5-Fluorouracil is a cream which must be applied to the genital warts location. As for this medicine, it can be a reason of burning and pain and, in addition, has lots of side effects. What's more, it usually takes a person much time to get rid of genital warts with the help of this cream.

- Alferon N or Interferon alpha-n3 is as well used for treating genital warts. It is an injection. But note that Interferon alpha-n3 has as well lots of side effects.

- Aldara or Imiquimod is a cream which must be applied to genital warts location. People often admit skin irritation after using this cream.

- As you've read every of the mentioned above medicines has many side effects. That's why we offer you to try WARTROL for treating genital warts which is both highly effective and has no side effects as consists of only safe herbs and minerals.