How to Use Wartrol?

Before you start using Wartrol, read some advice on how to use this medicine properly to get maximum benefits.

Because of the reformulation, nowadays Wartrol is more effective than ever before because its components are much more powerful and the complete formula is much more successful at treating your genital warts.

1. Remember, that while you are using spray, there is a contact of the spray head with bacteria that live in your mouth. And as a matter of fact, you should keep it wholly hygienic.

2. You should make certain there aren't any bacterial diseases in your mouth when you use the spray.

3. Spray Wartrol just under your tongue because if a person sprays on the tongue's top he or she is in risk of intaking dangerous bacteria together with the Wartrol cure.

4. It'll be better for you not to combine the use of Wartrol with other substances because this will reduce its effects on the body. So, eat and drink nothing while you are using Wartrol.

5. It was found out that the best outcomes are received if Wartrol is used an hour after eating. So, think of the most suitable time for taking this medicine to get really long run effects.

Follow these simple rules to enjoy all Wartrol benefits.

Actually, Wartrol is a homeopathic medicine; consequently all its components are absolutely safe and you won't suffer from any side effects. And even in the case if you drink or eat anything at the same time as you use Wartrol, you will just reduce this medicine effect.

By the way, bacteria can really decrease the effects of Wartrol on both warts and genital warts. As a result you should wash the head of the spray container to get rid of all bacteria.