How Can I Protect Myself from Genital Warts if My Partner has them?

Actually doctors very often can hear the following question "How can I protect myself from genital warts if my partner has them ?"

As a matter of fact very often the situation of getting infected with genital warts is the same. From the very beginning people have straight or gay connection and they usually have sexual intercourse for at least months or years and only in some period of time they suddenly notice some strange signs on their genitals. And of course, the most awful in this situation is that a person has been infected with genital warts for years and doesn't know about it and as a result he or she has been infecting other people.

So if you are in the same situation you should visit your doctor without delay to do some STD tests

But in the case you are in doubt and don't know how genital warts look like read the following information. Very often genital warts look like cauliflower because there are some bunches of pimples in the genital or anal area. In fact the human papillomavirus (HPV) is a real reason of genital warts. By the way, you should notice that genital warts can be too small to find out them so try to be examined regularly by your doctor. And in addition note that genital warts can grow either alone or in groups. Actually the latent period of the human papillomavirus (HPV) can take at least three months or even some years after you sexual intercourse with the infected person. Remember that very often people don't see genital warts because they can be painless.

So if your partner knows nothing about his or her infection your task is to let him/her know about it. Please, don't be rude but try to be patient, calm and wise not to offend your partner and give him/her your hand. After that you should study together all information about STD's. And the most important step is that you should avoid any sexual intercourse until you are treated from genital warts and you are sure you and your partner have no STD.