How Much is Wartrol?

Actually, Wartrol, the homeopathic medicine for treating genital warts and nowadays Wartrol is available in an original improved formula, and as result, you'll be able to get rid of genital warts in less time.

Because of the reformulation, nowadays Wartrol is more effective than ever before because its components are much more powerful and the complete formula is much more successful at treating your genital warts.

How much is Wartrol?

Here you can see the existing price list for the Wartrol treatment. (reminder: 1 month of treatment = 30 mL of Wartrol)

Treatment for Six Month Supply is $199.95

Treatment for Four Month Supply is $149.95

Treatment for Two Month Supply is $89.95

Treatment for One Month Supply is $49.95

Special study has shown that it's better to take 4-6 months of Wartrol to reach good results. !