Genital Warts Removal

Call your attention to the fact that HPV genotypes that are the reason of genital warts are believed low risk genotypes and as a rule haven't got any risk for cancer development similar to the high-risk HPV-s. On the other hand, genital warts are extremely infectious and horrible. Remember that it is not possible to foresee their future development though genital warts in some people can disappear without any treatment. They may either stay the same or make bigger and spread in the anogenital area. As a result you need to get rid of genital warts as soon as possible.

From the very beginning you should see your doctor to be tested to receive a true diagnosis in the case if you consider you are infected with HPV or having symptoms of genital warts. It is extremely vital to keep in mind that every bump is not a genital wart and that self-testing can be imprecise though there are much information concerning genital warts in literature and Internet websites counting full descriptions and photos which give easy recognition. And as a result before starting a treatment it is important to see a doctor and to be tested to have a professional diagnosis.

You should know that genital warts can be eliminated with the help of different ways, and the technique used for their elimination very much depends on their size and location. After genital warts diagnosing physicians as a rule can recommend different chemical creams to apply them on the affected area or propose their elimination with laser cauterization, electrocautery or cryosurgery. However, if not reacting to any other treatment he may as well recommend surgical removal. Besides usual treatment genital warts can be at times eliminated or as a minimum reduced with natural products. For the reason that different people support different methods there is a great number of natural products and remedies of various companies. In view of that, it is vital to be well informed over different ways of genital warts elimination and their efficiency, safety and side effects. In addition, you should see a doctor to consult before starting to make use of any new medicine. Remember if you're pregnant and breast-feeding women don't use anything before consulting with your physician.