Genital Warts and Pregnancy

Nowadays lots off different dangerous factors influence on unborn babies and genital warts are one of them. Luckily, usually genital warts don't cause any troubles for a woman and her baby for the duration of pregnancy.

Actually, women who had genital warts before pregnancy often worry that ones can appear again. However, note that if genital warts in the past disappeared, they will hardly return back for the period of pregnancy. But to be sure it'll be better for such women to inform your healthcare provider about if you had genital warts in the past.

Now some words about the impact of genital warts on the mothers' health during pregnancy. Frankly speaking, you won't find any research that demonstrates that during pregnancy genital warts enlarge the risk of appearing such dangerous states as, for example, miscarriage, preterm delivery or preeclampsia.

What's more, you may not need any treatment even if during pregnancy your healthcare provider will find out you have genital warts because the warts often improve on their own. But in the situation if treatment is proposed, your healthcare provider may suggest the following ways of getting rid of them: freezing genital warts with the help of a liquid nitrogen; warts burning with an acid; electrosurgery or so called LEEP; a laser method and surgery.

But you should know that sometimes genital warts can be a reason of problems for the period of pregnancy, because they may become bigger or even bleed. And a woman can hardly urinate if warts are too big. Moreover, the warts placed in the vagina make the vagina not elastic enough or they can even close the birth canal. And in these situations a woman is sometimes required a cesarean section.

Frankly speaking, nobody knows why genital warts sometimes began growing during pregnancy. But among the reasons may be the following ones: increasing hormones number, changes in the immune system or even bad environment.

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