How do i get rid of warts without pain?

Some Tips on How to Dispose of the Warts

As for me, I similar to millions of people have also had small warts. They were on the forehead. My warts looked like small buttons, and they had emerged during exam time, when I had lots of stress and fatigue. In some months I realized that warts wouldn't leave on their own. They didn't proliferate but they were far from aesthetic. So I went on forums and I saw lots of ways. Here are some of them:

- - Mix lemon and vinegar and marinate for a day before applying it on your face.

- - A clove of garlic cut into slices and apply on the warts.

- - Take a black fig. Simply cut a piece and squeeze out the juice on the warts. The action must be repeated until the complete disappearance of the wart.

- - I had also read in a book of alternative medicine that potato also works (it should be rubbed on the wart twice a day for a week or more).

- - Take a banana peel and rub your warts for at least a week.

But as for me, I am lazy enough to use mentioned above methods, that's why I ordered homeopathic Wartrol that disposed of all my warts in a month.

One of my friends told me that when she was a child, she had a lot of warts. She tried dozens of times to burn them with nitrogen at a dermatologist, always in vain ... then she tried homeopathy, and they all went in just one month. Good luck to all people who want to get rid of warts.