How to Diagnose Genital Warts?

It's really the fact that very often people, who are having genital warts, feel nothing because they can be asymptomatic. Actually, from time to time they suffer from such symptoms as burning pain, itch, or irritation in intimate area. These symptoms, in fact, depend on the location of genital wars. As for women with inside vagina located genital warts, they often suffer either from bleeding especially after having intimacy or an anomalous discharge from vagina. Call your attention to the fact that sometimes people can suffer from bleeding or urinary obstacle in the cases when genital warts occupy the urethral areas.

Frankly speaking, millions of people are suffering from genital warts nowadays. Actually, only in the United States physicians diagnose about 500,000 new cases a year. And as a matter of fact, physicians very often begin treating patients without doing any tests because genital warts, in fact, have characteristic features. Moreover, the diagnosis is really obvious in such cases if a person has some time had genital warts.

You should note that very often genital warts can be appeared as tiny, plump, elevated pimples. But, on the other hand, from time to time genital warts can be very big and multicoloured. The most awful is that genital wars can be located on such intimate parts of the body as vagina or penis.

Remember than in more than 90% of all cases HPV-6 and HPV-11 named "low risk" types HPV are the real cause of genital warts.