Cryotherapy for Treating Warts and Genital Warts

There are numerous methods for treating warts and genital warts in medicine practice, but in this article we want to describe cryotherapy. While treating a person with cryotherapy, doctors use special liquid called nitrogen which must be sprayed on the surface of the wart to freeze it and obliterate its cells. After the procedure a sore blister will appear on the place of the wart, however you shouldn't worry as it usually disappears in a week or so.

Frankly speaking cryotherapy can be sometimes rather painful, though the treatment as a rule takes just five to fifteen minutes. To get rid of warts or genital warts with the help of cryotherapy you should go either to hospital skin clinics or visit your surgery. Note that in the case if the wart is too big, you will need to freeze it some times before it vanishes.

A great number of healthcare professionals use cryotherapy in their practice but this method may be changed. For example, some doctors spay nitrogen straight onto the wart at the same time as others apply it with the help of a special cotton wool stick. And in addition, cryotherapy is used for treatment in the region of eyes or for children.

So, you may use cryotherapy if you want to get rid of the warts on the face. And as a matter of fact, cryotherapy causes less irritation than, for example, salicylic acid or duct tape.

However, don't use cryotherapies for treating small children for the reason that this method is rather painful and they can't sit still while this procedure.

It's a pity, but there are some side effects in cryotherapy such as:

- hyperpigmentation;

- pain;

- blistering;

- sometimes while treating periungual warts, nails can be changed and become of an abnormal shape.

What's more, dimethyl-ether/propane (cold spray) may be as well used for treating.

But these days a great number of people prefer buying WARTROL for treating all kinds of warts as it's a completely safe medicine with any known side effects.