How children get warts and how their parents can defend them

It's really the fact that a great number of kids get numerous warts. Perhaps that's why folklore points warts to contacting toads or frogs. However it was found out that it's just a fable. Read below some special facts on warts that each parent ought to know.

- The amount of children who has common skin warts are between10% to 20%.

- Boys usually have fewer warts than girls.

- Warts are most widespread at the age of 12 and 16.

- One the one hand warts are infectious, but on the other hand they are usually harmless.

- You can hardly see a wart in infancy, but their number become bigger when the children are becoming older.

Actually, some warts trouble many children very much despite the fact ones medically not dangerous. What's more, many children are discomfited by warts while others may be very painful (the situation if the warts are placed on the soles of the feet). And as a result every parent should know what the real reasons of warts are and how they can help their children avoid being infected with warts.

Real causes and kinds of warts

Different kinds of warts are caused by the human papillomavirus or in brief HPV and they are noncancerous growths on the skin. Actually warts appear when the HPV invades through a person's skin in the place where there is a petite cut or graze. And as a result, this virus is a reason of fast growth of cells on the surface layer of skin. On average warts are have a skin color however ones often can have a darker color. As for the warts surface it can be either rough or smooth.