Anal Warts. Their Symptoms, Treatment and Protection.

Warts Symptoms

Actually, anal warts or so called condyloma acuminata are growths that appear inside or around anus area. And in addition, anal warts can grow on a person genital area. Note that from the very begging anal warts can come into view as small growths, and they look like pins' heads. But then they very often begin growing and become much bigger. From the very beginning, anal warts aren't painful. Frankly speaking, sometimes people who having anal warts don't know about it. But from the other side lots of people suffer from such horrible symptoms as itching, blood losing in the anal area and so on.

Call your attention to the fact that anal warts are very often caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). Note that this virus is spread even by direct contact.

Note that it's better to get rid from warts because untreated warts very often become bigger and spread on the skin. What's more, untreated warts can be a reason of cancer.

Anal Warts Treatment

Actually, you may treat anal warts such natural medicines, as for example Wartrol, which is holly natural and has no any side effects.

Moreover, you as well can visit your doctor to for instance freeze anal warts with nitrogen (it's a special liquid) or to remove them surgically. By the way, some people are afraid of surgically removing warts because of side effects from anesthetics which can be local or spinal. But they in fact will be able to give instant results. And one more detail is that anal warts which are located in the anal canal are very often treated surgically. And note that you don't even have to be hospitalized to treat anal warts surgically because it's typically done as outpatient operation. And frankly speaking, it's possible to start working next day. But because of some discomfort and pain, pain medicines are very often prescribed.

How much time does it take me to get rid from genital warts?

Actually, after the last anal warts were disappeared it's better for you to visit your doctor for some next months to be sure that there are no new anal warts.

How to be protected from anal warts?

Actually, you should avoid sexual intercourse with the persons who have anal warts. As we have written above, some people don't know that they have HPV and as a result it's better for you to use such methods as for example using condoms and having only one sexual partner. In addition, your partner should be tested too. Note that after having been caught HPV it as a rule lives in an inactive state in a person's body and in some period of time they can appear again.

PS Call your attention to a such natural medicine as WARTROL